Connecting Women From Kittery to Fort Kent
Here are some excellent tips and advice from successful Maine business women!

Q: Can you give us a preview of what your workshop is about and why relationships that aren't built on trust end up sabotaging the workplace efficiency/morale?"

From Kymberly Dakin, Short Fuse Interactive
Stephen Covey outlines the principle of a Trust Tax or a Trust Dividend: Are you currently working in an environment where there are the following issues?
  • creating policies, rules, contracts
  • monitoring behavior and actions
  • duplicating and/or redoing
  • controlling information
  • contesting legally and informally
  • blaming and avoiding

Most workplaces have some of the above issues at play.  Regardless of the individual personalities working in a particular environment, the fact that most companies are asking for quality results in diminished timeframes produced by people who barely know each other past a surface level puts many workplaces at risk.  We propose intentional storytelling techniques as a way to quickly establish  trusting working relationships with one's peers.  This workshop will both explore the questions in this issue and offer some techniques to begin reversing trust deficit.

Q: In your opinion, what traditional methods are still alive and well and what "new media" opportunities are essential?

From Carol Coultas, Mainebiz

I believe nothing beats face-to-face interactions. I find they always lead to the best news leads and stories. I think from a PR perspective, they also make a business “real” – giving a face and personality to a press release sharing space in a crowded In Box. I’m a big fan of networking.
Is email considered a traditional method now? If so, it is still a strong conduit for story leads and the primary way we get information for our business news briefs (In Short; In the Loop).

As for new media, we have been soliciting story ideas via our LinkedIn page and Facebook. I would advise any business that has something to tout to use both those resources to get the word out.  

In general, if you’re trying to get news about your company or client out in Maine media, it’s really important to stress the local connection. Connecting with their communities is the mantra among all the Maine newspapers. I get a fair number of pitches about companies that don’t include an address – nor is it easy to find on their websites. Geography matters here. Make it easy for the editor to determine whether your company’s news belongs in her publication.

Q: In a nutshell what are the essential things a person must have to launch or coach a highly successful ventures?

From Becky McKinnell, iBec Creative

I think the most essential part of launching a successful company is resiliency. You have to be able to be flexible and bounce back from whatever challenges come your way.

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