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We are a statewide organization comprised of three chapters in Midcoast, Androscoggin and Portland with more than 1,500 members. Find out more about our chapters here.

Our mission is: "To increase women's professional growth and leadership skills through networking and education."

Stay tuned for our annual meeting in June, 2015 as more details emerge!

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2015 Miss Representation

Presented by the Maine Women's Network to Benefit New Hope for Women, the documentary Miss Representation was shown at The Strand Theatre in Rockland, Maine March 7 exposing how mainstream media contributes to the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America.

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A panel discussion followed the film with representatives from New Hope For Women and students from local high schools. Pictured here are MWN member and sponsor Kim Palermo of Elm Street Marketing Essentials and MWN president Karen Brace surrounded by the high school girls. (Photo by Peter Palermo, Elm Street Marketing Essentials)

Letter from our President


As you look at the months ahead, I'm sure that among your resolutions and business ambitions is to develop professional growth. We all have different ways to describe this goal: getting the word out more effectively, tightening expenses, learning new skills, or sharpening old ones. A route that facilitates all of these goals is to seek advice, and networking among our own members offers this opportunity. We have expertise right here, and you're connected through our organization. Recently one of our Midcoast Chapter programs focused on creativity. Our presenter asked who among us thought of ourselves as a creative person. About six hands went up. Then, she outlined for us the many forms creativity can take. For instance, finding new and different solutions is something that always requires a creative approach. Constantly through our workday, she said, we utilize innovation as a powerful tool, whether it's talking to our clients in a fresh way, working our way through a tough challenge, exploring an alternate marketing approach, or implementing an interesting but risky idea. Needless to say, we all walked away from this program with a fresh outlook thinking, "Maybe I'm a bit creative after all!" Setting a course for the New Year requires a creative focus. When you look at your business objectively, try putting on your creative lens to formulate New Year's resolutions. Where are your opportunities for change and growth? At times the avenues available to us seem elusive. However I'd venture to say that one of your most valuable resources may lie right here in our own organization. The presenter for our program on creativity was in fact one of our own MWN members. This highlighted for me how those of us within Maine Women's Network can impact one another. Through the variety of specialties we represent, sharing skills and insights through networking allows us to communicate our expertise in a way that benefits each other's businesses. And, networking doesn't have to be only at events. I suggest we launch 2015 by sharing what we each have to offer through Facebook. Share one of your goals for the coming year on MWN's Facebook page. Let's see what we have in common and find ways to maximize our own potential.

Best wishes to all of you for a successful 2015,

Karen Brace, Chair

Maine Women's Network


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